Dr. Matti Kaminsky has acquired her therapeutic and neuropsychological experience internationally and in the US. She received her Ph.D. at the Institute of Information and Decision Making (IIPDM),  the department of psychology at  University of Haifa, Israel. She researched and worked extensively with students with learning disabilities, doing testing and consultation. In the US, she respecialized in clinical psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston. She trained at The Boston Children’s Hospital, at Tewksbury Hospital with Traumatic Brain Injuries, and at Worcester State Hospital, working with patients suffering from mental illness. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Brenner Center in Boston, where she performed neuropsychological evaluations across the life span.  Dr. Kaminsky is experienced in assessing learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual giftedness,  developmental challenges, specific emotional conditions, memory problems, and traumatic brain injuries.
Dr, Kaminsky treats children and adults with anxiety-based disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is the most widely used evidence-based therapy for anxiety.
Dr. Kaminsky is the author of several peer reviewed journal articles and she presented in various international neuropsychological conventions.
Dr. Kaminsky lectures regularly to parents, teachers, and special education staff. She views it as her mission to bring the latest neuroscience research into the field, so that parents and teachers can access and implement the cutting edge learning techniques.
Dr. Kaminsky believes that getting tested is only the first step to getting better. Once the problem is assessed, she will work with you to write useful and applicable recommendations, and follow up with community resources to make sure the recommendations are addressed. Some clients who suffer from anxiety-based disorders can get neuropsychological evaluation and therapy. Other clients get either an evaluation or therapy.
Dr. Kaminsky now provides video counselling sessions of CBT - based psychotherapy through a HIPPA compliant platform at Breakthrough: www.Breakthrough.com. Breakthrough connects people with mental health providers anywhere, anytime for high-quality online counseling and psychiatric care.  Please ask your health insurance if they pay for these sessions. Private pay also applies.